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imageWhat follows is my mother’s reaction to the movie Argo, as told to me via telephone this morning: “So last night Daddy tells me Argo is in Pay-Per-View. ‘Argo is on Pay-Per-View? What? I have to see the movie that wins ever award! Berlin! Cannes! I have to see it so I’ll be up on the Oscars!’ And I couldn’t believe it. How many movies have you seen with hostages? How many? And the whole movie he never cracked a smile, Ben Affleck. I don’t know, maybe the glue was too thick with his beard, so he couldn’t move his face. They call it a Rhode Island Lockjaw. You know, when you barely move your lips and you talk. He barely moved his eyes left, right and sideways. If this movie is going to win then Les Mis should win the Diamond Oscars! (Ed. Note: Not a real award.) The hell with the Oscars. The mistake that idiot Hooper, Tom Hooper made with Les Mis was not taping the songs in the studio. Do it in the studio! Do it professionally! This is the technology you have now, and I have to listen to this stupidity? But that Argo, I almost fell asleep. When Alan Arkin said ‘Argo Fuck Yourself’? OK, the first time it was cute. Then John Goodman says it, then they all do. ‘Argo Fuck Yourself’? I don’t find it funny I saw this Argo, I’m thinking ‘What is the commotion about this movie?’ I’m not getting it. Even the acting! Then they’re showing how the actors all look like the real hostages. So, big deal. So what? That Garber guy? I like him too, but he just played an Ambassador. Was he so great? I’m not getting it, seriously I’m not. I tell you from a directional point of view what was good were the street scenes in Tehran, when the Iranians went crazy, when they broke through the gate. But you can see it in 50 other movies about the Middle East, so there was nothing fresh here. Yeah it’s a true story. Yeah, even on the plane when they’re congratulating each other, give me a break. I want you to revisit it. A Gornisht mit Gornisht. And I was so excited!”

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