Reviewing Forskolin: The Natural Plant That Alleviates Asthma

Forskolin extract is a herbal supplement derived from the Coleus forskohlii, a herb that has historically been used in Ayurveda (Ayurveda medicine). The plant is a member of the mint family and is native to the tropical and subtropical regions of India and East Africa.

The plant has played a crucial role in the Indian traditional medicine for decades. It was and is still used in the treatment of digestive disorders (gastric and intestinal spasm, nausea, and stomachache), infections (ringworms, syphilis...e.t.c), skin conditions (wounds, burns, insect bites, and allergies), rheumatism, relieving neck stiffness, as an oral contraceptive, and to induce menstruation. Today, the extracts of the plant (forskolin) are increasingly being used as a weight loss supplement by overweight and obese people.

Forskolin General Uses, In The Medical Industry and Its Benefits

Forskolin derivatives have been used in the treatment of cardiovascular complications such as congestive heart failure, hypertension, and angina. It’s believed that it elevates cAMP levels, resulting in the relaxation of arteries, and increased force of contraction of the heart muscle. Various studies have shown its ability to dramatically improve left ventricular function and overall cardiovascular function.

forskolin asthma treatment naturallyIn the treatment of Asthma and Allergies, Forskolin increases cAMP levels and inhibits the enzyme that breaks down cAMP. It also acts as a smooth muscle relaxer which results in airway resistance, increase vital capacity, bronchodilation, and forced expiratory volume- and all these are crucial indicators of pulmonary function. A certain study found that users of Forskolin had less frequent asthma attacks than non-users.

Forskolin derivatives are also used in the treatment of Glaucoma (the supplement relieves pressure in the eyes), Depression, Psoriasis, hypothyroidism, immune enhancement, and in cancer tumors metastases.

The supplement has also been shown to stimulate lipolysis (the breaking down of fats), resulting in weight loss. In a certain study, obese or overweight men using Forskolin were found to achieve a greater decrease in body fat and an increase in lean body mass than those in the placebo group. The Forskolin group also achieved a significant increase in bone mass. Users also experience heightened memory performance as the supplement derivatives increase CAMP levels in the brain. It gives them better memory function for studying as well as for other mentally demanding tasks.

The Possible Side Effects Of Forskolin

According to the many studies carried out regarding the safety of the supplement, Forskolin is quite safe for use in healthy people. One of most common mild side effects of the supplement is rapid or irregular heart-beat. However, there are other reported adverse effects including upper respiratory tract infection, tremor, cough, headaches, and restlessness.

People using blood thinning or anti-platelet medications should not use the supplements as it causes contradictions. High-pressure drugs may also have interactions with Forskolin. People with kidney disease should also avoid taking the supplement as it may cause serious complications. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also avoid the supplement. According to study experts, 50mg to 100mg of Forskolin taken in several doses throughout the day appear to be safe and effective.

While Forskolin doesn’t have a long history of use, there are many people who attest to its effectiveness. There are different companies making the product and so it’s important to confirm its credibility before purchasing it. You should also speak with your doctor to make sure that the supplement is safe for you to use.